ZHANG Xuemin




Research Interests:

Personal resume


1995-2002, Assistant Lecture and Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology

2002-2012, Associate Professor, School of Psychology and National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning


Professor, Faculty of Psychology and National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning,Beijing Normal University, Beijing, China


Tel: 86-10-58807499

Director of Institutional Review Board (IRB), Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

2001-to Current, Vice Director of Beijing Key Lab of Applied Experimental Psychology


Ph.D. 1999-2002: School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

M.S.1992-1995: School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

B.A. 1988-1992: Environmental Biology, North East Normal University


Review manuscript for Journals: PsychonomicBulletin & Review, Visual Cognition,Frontiers in Psychology, Current Psychology, Acta Psychologica Sinica, Advances in Psychological Science, Space Medicine & Medical Engineering,IEEE and Computer Societyet al.

Scientific research


1.  National Nature Science Foundation of China (61632014, key project), Study of neural computational model of attention processing, 2017-2021.

2.  National Science Foundation of China(31271083, general project), The cognitive and neural mechanism of attention resource distribution in multiple objects tracking, 2013-2016.

3.  Funding from Ministry of Education of China, Project for the humanities and social sciences (10YJAXLX025), The impact of violent video games on adolescents' aggression,2011-2014.

4.  National Education Science "11th Five-Year" planning project (DBA080165, Key project), A comparative study of teaching methods and characteristics between Chinese and American primary and secondary school teachers, 2008-2011.

5. Usabilityand readability evaluation of Chinese character library, 2011-2013.

6.  National Nature Science Foundation of China (key project), The study of natural, efficient and fluent cross-model human computer interface, 2000-2004.


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