An Introduction to

Faculty of Psychology at BNU

An Introduction to Faculty of Psychology at BNU
The development of psychology in Beijing Normal University has a long history which can be traced back to 1902. The faculty of psychology at Beijing Normal University has the first-class research and teaching and stably ranks as the 1st in psychology category in China with comprehensive strengths. It is dedicated to provide an extraordinary education and performing leading researches while making significant contributions to the society.

Our Mission  
To Construct the World—leading  Psychology and Brain Science Discipline with a Pervasive Commitment to Serve the Nation. 

The First Teaching Psychology as subject (1902).

The First Established Psychology Lab (1920).

Faculty and Staff:
We have 256 faculties and staffs. 40 winners of Outstanding Talents Projects,accounts for 37.7%

Professor Zhang Houcan was Honored with Achievement Against the Odd Award by International Union of Psychology Science,IUPSYS.
Senior  Professor  Lin  Chongde  was Honored Beijing People's Teacher Award


We have around 2000 students. 

Prof.  Zhixian Zhu and his PhD students Chongde Lin and Qi Dong in 1980.

2010-2017, 1277 academic papers were published by teachers。

Academic Reputation:
Domestic Ranking 

According to the assessment of the Ministry of Education, The Faculty of Psychology BNU ranked the first (A+) in 2009, 2012 and 2016.

International Ranking:
Essential Science Indicators (2017)  
Psychiatry & Psychology:  top 1%
Neuroscience & Behavior:  top 1%
QS Subject Rankings (2017) 
 (In Psychology) Rank: 101-150