WANG Dahua


Telephone: 01058804081


Research Interests: Topics related to Psychological aging, e.g. Adult attachment and Close relationship, Constructive Memory,Social support, and Aging attitudes.

Personal resume


PhD in Psychology, Beijing Normal University,

MA in Psychology, Beijing Normal University

BS in Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Visiting Scholar, School of Health and Clinical Psychology at Edingburger University

Academic Positions

Professor of Psychology, Faculty of Psychology at Beijing Normal University, 2011-present

Visiting Professor,  Department of Psychology at Harvard University, 2014-2016

Scientific research

Current Projects

The social support of older parents who lost their only children, Funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China

The longitudinal study of stability and change of marital attachment during later life, Funded by the Ministry of Education

The measurements of emotional well-being and social adaptation for older people,Funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology


Recent Publications Selected(* denotes corresponding author)

Zhang, M. Y., Lin, T.,Wang, D. H*, Jiao, W. (2020). Filial piety dilemma solutions in Chinese adult children: The role of contextual theme, filial piety beliefs, and generation. Asian Journal of Social Psychology,23(2): 227-237, doi: 10.1111/ajsp.12395 [June]

Cao, X.C.,Wang, D.H.*, Wang, Y. (2019). Remembering the past and imagining the future: Partners’ responsiveness in specific events relates to relationship satisfaction and subjective well-being, Journal of Social and Personal Relationships,

Tang, M.,Wang, D.,Gurrien, A.* (2019). A systematic review and meta-analysis on basic psychological need satisfaction, motivation and well-being in later life: Contributions of Self-determination Theory. PsyCh Journal DOI: 10.1002/pchj.293

Chen B.*, Huang Y F,Wang D H,& Deng W G. (2018). Comparison of Performance-Based Observed Assessment, Self-Report, and Paper-Pencil Measures of Everyday Problem Solving in Chinese Older Adults. Journal of Adult Development. DOI: 10.1007/s10804-018-9305-1.

Wang,Y., Wang, Q.,Wang,D.*, & Feeney,B. (2018).  How Do I Narrate My Marriage: The Relationship Between Attachment Orientation and Quality of Autobiographical Memory.Front. Psychol. 9:2107. DOI: 10.3389/fpsyg. 2018.02107

Gong, X. M., Chen, N., &Wang, D. H.*(2018). Are Gender Differences in Emotion Culturally Universal? Comparison of Emotional Intensity between Chinese and German Samples. Journal of Cross-culture Psychology. 49(6):993-1005

Cao, X., Madore, K.,Wang, D.*, & Schacter, D. (2018). Remembering the past and imagining the future: attachment effects on production of episodic details in close relationships.Memory.DOI: 10.1080/09658211.2018.1434800

Cao, X., Yang, C., &Wang, D*.(2018). The Impact on Mental Health of Losing an Only Child and the Influence of Social Support and Resilience.OMEGA-Journal of Death and Dying. DOI: 10.1177/0030222818755284

Wang, Y.,Wang, D.*, Feeney, B., & Li, F. (2016). What will I tell you about my marriage? The relationship between attachment and autobiographical memory of married life.Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. 1-21

Gong, X., Xiao, H, &Wang, D*(2016). Emotional Valence of Stimuli Modulates False Recognition: Using a Modified Version of the Simplified Conjoint Recognition Paradigm. Cognition. 156,95-105, IF: 3.411

Gong, X.,Wang, D*.(2016). Applicability of the International Affective Picture System in Chinese older adults: A validation study. PsyCh Journal, (5):117-124. DOI: 10.1002/pchj.131

Teaching experience

Developmental Psychology(undergraduate)

Adult Development and Aging (undergraduate)

Advances in the theories of life-span development(graduate)

Applied Geropsychology/psychology of aging (graduate)

Social service

Professional Memberships:

Gerontological Society of America (GSA, member)

Chinese Psychological Association (CPA, member),

China Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (Council member )

Academic Journal editor

《老龄科学研究》(aging studies)

《心理发展与教育》(psychological development and education)

Academic Journal Reviewer:

Journal of social and personal relationship

Journal of aging and mental health

Journal of health and social care in the community





Scholarship and Honors

Senior Visiting Fellowship at Harvard University, funded by China Scholarship Council and Harvard University, 2014-2016

Senior Visiting Scholar at Edinburgh University, UK, Funded by China Scholarship Council, 2005-2006

Outstanding teacher for graduates [北师大通鼎青年优秀教师奖(研究生课程《老年心理学》)]2014

Outstanding teaching for graduates[北师大研究生优秀教学奖(课程《发展心理学理论新进展》)]2019