LI Jian




Research Interests: Psychologicaltestingandassessment
Game-based assessment/ Personality test / Aptitudetest
Self-regulation and self-control / Complex problemsolving / Metacognition

Personal resume


1997.09—2001.06     BeijingNormalUniversity, SchoolofPsychology

BachelorofScience, Psychology

Thesis:The Effect of Birthday on Personality


2001.09—2004.06     BeijingNormalUniversity, SchoolofPsychology

MasterofScience, PsychologicalTesting and Assessment

Thesis:Psychometric Study of On-line Metacognitive Regulation Ability


2004.09—2007.06     BeijingNormalUniversity, SchoolofPsychology

DoctorofScience, PsychologicalTesting and Assessment

Thesis:Construction and Validation of aMetacognitive Regulation Scaleand Its Application in Personnel Selection


Work Experience

2019.08— present      Professor in School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

2018.08— 2019.08    Visiting Scholar in Department of Educational Psychology,
University of Alberta

2012.08—2019.07     Associate Professor in School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

2011.09— 2012.01    Visiting Scholar in Department of Educational Psychology,
Chinese University of Hong Kong

2007.08—2012.07     Assistant Professor in School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Scientific research

Research Projects

2016.05—2017.07     TheApplicationofGameBasedAssessmentinTeachingPsychologicalTesting

2016.01—2018.12     TheDevelopmentofaPsychologicalAssessmentSystemforMiddleSchool Students’ Competency in Beijing

2015.06—2018.05     Assessment and Training ofHigh SchoolStudents’Metacognitive Regulation Skills

2013.12—2014.11     AComparisonStudyofUsingStudentEvaluationTeaching in Universities between China and Other Countries

2013.06—2016.06     The MechanismandCopingofFaking in Self-Reported Personality Test

Publications and Conference Papers

*indicates corresponding author

Wen, W., Li, J.*, Huang, C., & Wang, L. (in press) Cool the Warm: Reduce Halo Effect by Stimulating Analytic Thinking.

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Honors and Awards

2016.12    OutstandingYoung Teacher, BeijingNormalUniversity

2016.05    Top 10 Popular Teacher,BeijingNormalUniversity

2010.01    ITC Scholarship, International Test Commission