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Research Interests: Personality and Social Psychology;Development and Promotion of Prosocial Behavior;Antecedents and Development of Adolescents’ Values, Value Orientation, and Moral Cognition;Social Fairness, Justice and Social Behaviors;Promotion of Healthy Social Ethics and Adolescents’ Moral Character

Personal resume

Education background

1996-1999   Ph.D.   Beijing Normal University

1985-1988   M.A.   Beijing Normal University

1981-1985   B.S.    Beijing Normal University

Work Experience

1988-present Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor at Beijing Normal University

Scientific research

List of projects (selected projects in recent years)

The Effect and Mechanisms of Economic Inequality on Prosocial Behavior and Its Transmission: Multi-Angle Research Based on Social Interactions, National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Development and Promotion of Children and Adolescents’ Social Competence, the Ministry of Education (MOE) Project of Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Science at Universities.

Prosocial Behavior Transmission and Prosocial Mindset Promotion in Social Governance, the Research Institute of Wang Yangming’s Philosophy of Mind & Current Social Mentality of Confucius Academy.

Adolescents’ Orientations to Happiness: Antecedents and Consequences, the Beijing Well-Being Foundation.

An Investigation of Beijing Middle School Students’ Social Attitude, the Project of Beijing Municipal Commission of Education.

The Transmission of Prosocial Behavior: Boundary Conditions and Psychological Mechanisms, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

Promotion of Students’ Prosocial Behavior: Theory and Methods, the Ministry of Education (MOE) Project of Key Research Institutes of Humanities and Social Science at Universities.

List of publications (selected papers in recent years)

Wu, J.*, Guo, Z., Gao, X., & Kou, Y*. (2020). The relations between early-life stress and risk, time, and prosocial preferences in adulthood: A meta-analytic review.Evolution and Human Behavior, 41(6), 557–572.

Wu, J., Yuan, M., & Kou, Y*. (2020). Disadvantaged early-life experience negatively predicts prosocial behavior: The roles of Honesty-Humility and dispositional trust among Chinese adolescents.Personality and Individual Differences. 152, 109608.

Li, W., Wu, J., & Kou, Y*. (2020). System justification enhances life satisfaction of high-and low-status people in China.Social Psychological and Personality Science. 11(5), 588–596.

Li, W., Yang, Y., Wu, J., & Kou, Y*. (2020). Testing the status-legitimacy hypothesis in China: Objective and subjective socioeconomic status divergently predict system justification.Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 46(7), 1044–1058.

Yang, Y., Guo, Z., Wu, J., & Kou, Y*. (2020). Self-compassion relates to reduced unethical behavior through lower moral disengagement.Mindfulness, 11(6), 1424–1432.

Fu, X., Padilla-Walker, L. M., Nielson, M. G., Yuan, M., & Kou, Y*. (2020). The effect of target’s power on prosocial behavior: A cross-cultural study.The Journal of Psychology. https://doi.org/10.1080/00223980.2020.1845591

Wu, J.*, Balliet, D., Kou, Y.*, & Van Lange, P. A. M. (2019). Gossip in the dictator and ultimatum games: Its immediate and downstream consequences for cooperation.Frontiers in Psychology, 10, 651.

Yang, Y., Guo, Z., Kou, Y.*, & Liu, B. (2019). Linking self-compassion and prosocial behavior in adolescents: The mediating roles of relatedness and trust.Child Indicators Research, 12(6), 2035–2049.

Yang, Y., Li, W., Sheldon, K. M., & Kou, Y*. (2019). Chinese adolescents with higher social dominance orientation are less prosocial and less happy: A value-environment fit analysis.International Journal of Psychology, 54(3), 325–332.

Fu, X., Liu, X., Yang, Y., Zhang, M., & Kou, Y*. (2018). The role of relative intrinsic aspirations in Chinese adolescents’ prosocial behaviors.Youth & Society, 50(1), 75–92.

Wang, J., Wang, L., & Kou, Y*. (2018). The different roles of relative ingroup prototypicality in the outgroup attitudes of majority and minority groups.Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, 21(2), 319–335.

Yang, Y., Zhao, H., Aidi, M., & Kou, Y*. (2018). Three good deeds and three blessings: The kindness and gratitude interventions on Chinese prisoners.Criminal Behaviour and Mental Health, 28(5), 433–441.

Yuan, M., Wu, J.*, & Kou, Y*. (2018). Donors’ social class and their prosocial reputation: Perceived authentic motivation as an underlying mechanism.Social Psychology. 49(4), 205–218.

Yang, Y., Li, P., Fu, X., & Kou, Y*. (2017). Orientations to happiness and subjective well-being in Chinese adolescents: The roles of prosocial behavior and internet addictive behavior.Journal of Happiness Studies,18(6), 1747–1762.

Yang, Y., Li, P., & Kou, Y*. (2017). Orientations to happiness and subjective well-being in Chinese adolescents.Child Indicators Research, 10(4), 881–897.

Zhang, L., Kou, Y.*, Zhao, Y., & Fu, X. (2016). Group boundary permeability moderates the effect of a dependency meta-stereotype on help-seeking behavior.International Journal of Psychology, 51(4), 243–251.

Yang, Y., Zhang, M., & Kou, Y*. (2016). Self-compassion and life satisfaction: The mediating role of hope.Personality and Individual Differences, 98, 91–95.

Bai, B. Y., Liu, X. X., & Kou, Y*. (2016). Belief in a just world lowers bribery intention.Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 19(1), 66–75.

Cai, W., Huang, X., Wu, S., & Kou, Y*. (2015). Dishonest behavior is not affected by an image of watching eyes.Evolution and Human Behavior, 36(2), 110–116.

Wang, J., Fu, X., Zhang, L., & Kou, Y*. (2015). The impacts of moral evaluations and descriptive norms on children's and adolescents’ tolerance of transgression.Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, 9(2), 86–96.

Fu, X., Kou, Y.*, & Yang, Y. (2015). Materialistic values among Chinese adolescents: Effects of parental rejection and self-esteem.Child & Youth Care Forum, 44(1), 43–57.

Bai, B. Y., Liu, X. X., & Kou, Y*. (2014). Belief in a just world lowers perceived intention of corruption: The mediating role of perceived punishment.PloS One, 9(5), e97075.

Xu, H., Kou, Y., & Zhong, N. (2012). The effect of empathy on cooperation, forgiveness, and “Returning Good for Evil” in the prisoner's dilemma.Public Personnel Management, 41(5), 105–115.

Jiang, J., Kou, Y., et al., (2011). Emotional reactions to scandals: When does moral character make a difference?Asian Journal of Social Psychology, 14(3), 207–1216.

Teaching experience

Undergraduate: Social Psychology, General Psychology

Graduate: Social Psychology, Children and Adolescents’ Social Development, Adolescents’ Psychological Crisis and Intervention

Social service

Professional Memberships:

Social Psychology Committee of Chinese Psychological Society

Chinese Association of Social Psychology

Beijing Social Psychological Society

Beijing Social Science Union

Ad hoc reviewer:

Journal of Positive Psychology, Journal of Happiness Studies, International Journal of Psychology, Personality and Individual Differences, Journal of Social Psychology, Asian Journal of Social Psychology, Journal of Pacific Rim Psychology, Children and Youth Services Review, Acta Psychologica Sinica, Journal of Psychological Science, Psychological Development and Education, Advances in Psychological Science


Honors and awards

The 5th. National Outstanding Achievement Award in Educational Science Research “Social Psychology”

Zhu Zhixian Psychology Award, 2010

Outstanding Contributor of Beijing Social Science Union, 2008

Excellent Teaching Prize for Undergraduate Student, 2006