ZENG Xianglong



Email: xzeng@bnu.edu.cn

Research Interests: Disciplines: Idealistic Psychology, Positive Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Keywords: Four Immeasurables Meditations (Loving-Kindness Meditation), Appreciative Joy, Mindfulness

Personal resume

Jan, 2018-Current Assistant Professor Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University.

Aug, 2014-Nov, 2017 Doctor of Philosophy, in Psychology Department of Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.
Sep, 2011-Jun, 2014 Master of Education, in Developmental and Educational Psychology School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University.
Sep, 2007-Jun, 2011 Bachelor of Science, in Psychology School of Psychology, Beijing Normal University.

Scientific research


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Positive Psychology

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Mindfulness (SSCI): Reviewer in board, 2018 Sep-current

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