Swinburne University of Technology,Australia

Initiated in 2007, the collaboration between Swinburne Faculty of Health, art and design and FOP has been launched. It is dedicated to cultivating design elites with psychological skills.


Format: Full-time, residential

Language: English

Program Duration: April-February, one year

Location: Faculty of Health, Art and Design, Swinburne University of Technology

Required Courses

1.    Complete first 3 semesters at BNU (18 units)

(students have to take suspension procedure at BNU)

2.    Study at Swinburne (4th semester - 5th semester)

(100 credits) 

Semester 4th

Semester 5th

1.    Integrative Capstone

2.    Inclusive & Participatory design

3.    Two design elective units

1.    Creative Entrepreneurship

2.    Integrative Capstone

3.    Eco-design studio


Download the Application Form

Contact: 010-58805260


Application Checklist

IETLS: ≥6.5 Interview

TOFEL: ≥80

CET-6: 500

Bachelor’s or above diploma

Tuition: A$29520 (for 2018)